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Working table

Besides the engineering plastic sheets, rods and tubes; now we are providing you a new choice: working table!

< Properties of working table:>
* Working table is able to afford more than 3000 kilograms, also have good performance at security.
* Working table conform to ergonomics.
* The faceplate of working table is made by professional engineering plastic (thickness at least 30mm). Highly resist abrasion, impact, greasy dirt; easy-cleaning; not easily deformed.
* Table legs made by special steel, structure well designed.
* Working table suits with heavy load.

< Detail size of working table: >
* M - 1220 x 810 x 770mm
* L - 2440 x 1220 x 770mm

For any further information, please just feel free to contact with us!

Hishiron Industries Co., Ltd.

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