Supply Program


We offer to sell PVDF (Polyvinylidene Floride) which is a thermoplastic & used in various applications in Industies field. PVDF shows good mechanical, thermal & electrical properties with excellent chemical resistance.
  1. Typical properties:
    *Excellent chemical resistance
    *Dimensionally stable at -40℃ to 150℃ without load
    *Excellent abrasion resistance
    *Extremely good mechanical properties
    *Outstanding ageing resistance
    *Resistance to UV, β and γ radiation
    *Outstanding welding properties
    *Extremely low water absorption 

  2. Typical application:
    *Chemical industry: pump cases, pump wheels, valve bodies, pipes, laboratory equipment
    *Environment technology: Effluent treatment, gas scrubbers
    *Clean-room technology: equipment for microchip production, solar collectors
    *Medical technology

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