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Hishiron Nylon 6A Rod & Sheet


NYLON 6A Rod & Sheet

Nylon 6A / PA6 (Polyamide) represents a good electrical insulating ability & great chemical resistance. Nylon 6A Rod, Nylon 6A Sheet & Nylon 6A Machined Components have been widely applied in various industries.

We delivery Extruded Rod, Extruded Sheet in Nylon 6A material for Natural White, Black & Other color (Request on Order).

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Stock Shape of Nylon 6A & Nylon 66 (298 KB)
Physical Properties of Nylon 6A & Nylon 66 (195 KB)
Typical Properties
  • Exceptional stiffness and hardness
  • Good impact strength
  • Resistance to high dynamic loads
  • Absorption of impact, noise, and vibration
  • Resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Low friction, good lubricant-free performance
  • Good thermal stability
  • No corrosion, resistance to a wide variety of chemicals
  • Ease of fabrication
Typical Application
  • Gear bearing & cams
  • Bearing ball
  • Valve ball
  • Insulator
  • Textile machine parts
  • Wear guide, star wheel
  • Timing screw
  • Bushing
  • Rider strip
  • Rollers
  • Wear plates
  • Thrust washer
  • Fixtures