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1963 Hishiron Plastics was founded by Mr. Chau Yang Hsu in Tainan, Taiwan with the main product – UHMWPE.
1974 Hishiron started the productions of Nylon, POM (Polyacetal), PTFE, PP & PE materials.
1980 Obtained the exclusive agent in Taiwan of the professional filter element maker in Germany - LENSER Filtration GmbH + Co.
1982 Purchased automatic hot press from Germany for UHMWPE, PP & PE sheet production. Being the supplier of largest sheet size in Asia.
1985 SEFAR, the leading manufacture of Filter Cloth in Switzerland, authorized Hishiron as their agent in Taiwan.
1990 Relocated new plant in Yong Kang City and enlarged the annual capacity to 1,200 tons. Being the main manufacturer of Engineering Plastic Sheet, Rod & Tube in Taiwan, and top 3 in Asian Region.
1994 Hishiron invested in the productions of ABS, PVDF & PET.
1995 Successfully expanded plastic product to European and Japanese Market, and got very good reputation for the great quality.
1997 Developed & started mass production for compound material of Nylon, POM & PTFE, ex: oil filled, glass fiber filled…etc.
2000 Technical cooperation with DEHOPLAST, Germany, and upgrade the capacity to 1,500 tons per year.
2002 Hishiron successfully devised UHMWPE Tube of various sizes, and became the first manufacturer for UHMWPE Tube in Taiwan.
2003 Established 2nd branch office in Taichung.
2003 Celebrated 40th Anniversary.
2004 New equipment added - NC Router with table size: 1500mm x 3000mm & CNC Machine Center with table size: 630mm x 1200mm.
2005 Researched & developed high performance engineering plastics of PEEK, PEI, PSU, PES…etc.
2006 Started process of Anti-Static & Conductive Grade of POM & UHMWPE as regular stock.
2007 Produced Nylon, POM, PP tube, and being the main maker of plastic tube in Taiwan.
2008 New facility added: 2 sets of CNC Lathe & CNC Machine Center with table size: 1500mm x 2000mm, strengthen the fabrication ability.
2009 10 new production lines joined, the completed 60 lines extended the full capacity more than 1,800 tons.
2010 3 sets of CNC Machine Center operated, became the main fabricator of engineering plastic part in Taiwan.