Supply Program


We offer to sell HDPE / PEHD (High Density Polyethylene) which is a polyethylene thermoplastic & used in various applications in Industry & our daily life. HDPE displays high chemical resistance and offers strength & rigidity in -50℃ ~ 80℃.
All HDPE Rod, HDPE Sheet & HDPE Machined Parts can be made in Natural White, Black, Yellow & Green color (Request on Order).
  1. Typical properties:
    *Good Electronic and Dielectric properties
    *Chemical resistance to solvents, acids and alkalies.
    *Toughness and flexibility even at low temperatures
    *Relative low cost
    *Low coefficient of friction
    *Light weight 
    *Ease of fabrication
    *Food contactable

  2. Typical application:
    *Food processing
    *Punching Board for Leather Industry
    *Click board for leather industry
    *Gear, roller
    *Lining for chute, hopper, silo

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