Supply Program


We provide UHMWPE / UPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) which is a high density polyethylene of very high molecular weight, the average molecular weight is estimated in the range of 4~9 million. 
UHMW-PE is used in a wide variety application. Our main production are UHMWPE Rod, UHMWPE Sheet & UHMWPE Machined Parts with excellent quality and physical properties; also,in various shapes, e.g. Extruded Rod, Extruded Sheet,Extruded Tube & Machined Components according to customer's demand.
  1. Typical properties:
    * Exceptional abrasion & impact resistance.
    *High Sliding & non-stick characteristic
    *High chemical & weathering resistance
    *Non water absorption
    *Lowest coefficient of friction
    *Excellent electrical properties
    *Light weight
    *Ease of fabrication
    *Temperature range: -260℃ ~ +80℃ 

  2. Typical application:
    * Paper industry – suction box cover, doctor blade, forming plate, etc..
    *Mining – lining in chute hopper.
    *Chemical – pump housing, impeller.
    *Beverage industry – packaging, bottling, guide rail, sprocket, roller, timing screw, wear strip.
    *Textiles - picker.
    *Food processing – cutting board 

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